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Our Mission -

Idaho Promotes Nutritious Meals for Healthy Minds and Bodies

Our Vision -

To be a leader, advocate and educational resource for school nutrition professionals promoting excellence in food and nutrition to Idaho's children.

Our Values -

Development of the whole Child
Professional Development and Growth
Healthy Lifestyles and Lifelong Learning
Camaraderie, Community, Involvement and Fun

Message from the President -

Welcome Back!

Kathy Rowbury, ISNA President 2015-16

As I reflect back on the many changes in the School Lunch and Breakfast Programs since I first started as a part-timer back in 1986, I am proud of the many positive things that we have accomplished. We have all faced challenges, struggling at times, to meet the ever changing regulations passed down from the USDA. I can honestly say that we offer our students healthier options now than we did in 1986, and we ultimately help our students to make healthier choices. Each change from the USDA brings challenges - and opportunities. Opportunities to teach, learn - and grow as the School Nutrition Professionals that we are. As each change comes, I have heard from the opposite ends of the spectrum: "I'm NOT going to do ______, I'll quit first" to "We CAN do this", and "I'm excited for this change". We have ultimately pulled together and succeeded in meeting the new guidelines each time.

We are very lucky in Idaho to have the support of our State Department. They are great to offer many training opportunities throughout the State, so we don't all have to travel to Boise for every class that we need. Many other states don't have the wonderful State Departments that we have. We are very blessed. Thank you, State Child Nutrition Department!

Some of the many changes we have accomplished have been: forming Co-Ops for purchasing, expanding breakfast programs, moving from the popular nutrient-based menu planning to food-based menu planning, serving more whole grain items, Fresh Fruit & Vegetable programs, After School programs, Farm to School programs, Healthier US School Challenge (and the 1st school in the nation to receive the HUSSC Gold level was our own Gooding School District). New this school year are the Professional Standards, which I'm excited about – as it will shed a more positive light to our communities that we are trained "Professionals" and not just "lunch ladies".

Thank you to all who attended one of the three mini conferences held last May and June in Idaho Falls, Payette and Sandpoint. I would also like to give a BIG thank you to those who planned and hosted those conferences! You don't realize the work that goes into planning these conferences, until you are actually involved. They all offered valuable information on some of the changing targets in our programs; and opportunities to meet with the vendors showcasing some of the new items available to meet the new regulations. Last, but definitely not least, thank you to Leah Clark from the Idaho Preferred Program for her presentations on the Farm to School Program across the state! I heard MANY good comments about the Farm to School tours across our great state. Our State Conference for 2016 will be held at the Riverside Inn in Boise, June 20-24. Please put this on your calendars, and plan on attending. As usual, there will be valuable information shared, and opportunities to network with others from across the state. We are all willing to share our successes with anyone – and to help each other be successful. That's one thing I really LOVE about School Nutrition in Idaho, the willingness to share successes.

I am honored to serve you as the President of the Idaho School Nutrition Association for 2015-16. I have learned much from those who have preceded me. I have enjoyed the many opportunities to attend National trainings in various locations across the country, and have learned a lot of valuable things about how it all fits together within the School Nutrition programs. I would encourage any of you that may be interested in serving to run for an office. We are always looking for new and upcoming leaders across the state to bring a good balance of experience and knowledge to the Idaho School Nutrition Association; not to mention that it is a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow in our profession. If you are interested in serving on the ISNA Board, please contact one of the ISNA Board members. We are working to improve our communication with our members, and appreciate any input you may have.

Have a wonderful and successful school year!

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